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Rachel Lopez

Age: 33... 34 on race day

Height: 158 cm

Weight: 55 kgs

Start group: Blue

Previous experience:
5 C2S (last one 5yrs ago),
2 BRW tris (2010 & 11)

Strengths: Competitiveness, discipline

Weakness: Perhaps also my competitiveness, which has gotten me into this in the first place!

Strategy: Plenty of oatmeal cookies for Larns the night before!

Training program: Consistency, good play-list, and my secret advantage will remain as such!

Goal time: To beat Larns, of course.

Hero: Kerryn McCann

Moto: The first one gets the (pearl) oyster, the second gets the shell (Andrew Carnegie).

Alana Metcalfe

Age: 25

Height: 165cm

Weight: 57kgs

Start group: Red

Previous experience: 2009 city2Surf and 2010 city2surf

Strengths: The Jlo –it’s a power pack for all those hills!

Weakness: Not being able to stop for the bathroom...

Strategy: Release the competitive creature within

Training program: Combination of running, PT, plenty of water, sleep and a secret weapon I'm not prepared to give away to Rach!

Goal time: Beat Rach!

Hero: My mum and
Dave Dowling

Moto: Harder, better, faster, stronger.

Why run for Tom

Just weeks before his 29th birthday in 2009, Tom Wood lost his courageous battle with an aggressive and brutal form of bone cancer - Ewing Sarcoma. Whilst Tom’s previously strong and athletic body was ravaged by this disease, his determination and fight remained resolute throughout his 12 month ordeal. As Tom’s family and friends, we are committed to carrying forward his fight. Our focus is now on funding research in the hope that other families can be spared the pain and devastation inflicted by sarcoma.

Sarcoma cancers are a group of cancers with a high mortality rate that disproportionately target young people. Approximately 20% of childhood cancers are sarcomas. Tragically, 50% of sarcoma patients die within 5 years of diagnosis. Every dollar raised brings us a step closer to solving the mystery of sarcoma. Together we can make a difference.

The Fundraiser with a difference

This year we will be taking a different approach to fundraising. To show your support for such a worthy cause, get involved and back a runner by placing a donation against either Rachel Lopez or Alana Metcalfe for your chance to win some fantastic prizes thanks to Hoyts, Hoyts Distribution and Women’s Health.

To keep it clean and simple, bet on one runner only. If you bet on the fastest runner you will have the chance to win a prize! Please include your name when placing your bet.

All ‘bets’ are donations towards Rainbows for Kate – raising awareness and money into Sarcomas.

For more information about Rainbows for Kate please visit

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